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Why Bython Media?

We specialize in connecting B2B marketers and demand generation specialists to data-driven marketing opportunities through our network of 61 million contacts. We blend account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation and creative content into a single AI-based platform to help you reach your marketing goals.

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Our proprietary platform, Byonic.AI enables marketers to run a smarter data driven camp(ai)2gn. Byonic’s proprietary AI technology coupled with its 1P intent data aims to achieve a high performing camp(ai)2gn.

Proactive account engagement: Engaging your target accounts helps to create a long-term pipeline for your sales team.

First party data: With first party data, you can efficiently reach the customers who matter most.

Measurement and optimization: With our AI-based platform, you can predict your marketing funnel and the highest quality lead potential.

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Whether you are an ABM expert or a novice, discover, empower and enrich data with the power of highly customizable campaigns that can be launched at any stage driven by first party (1P) intent data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). utilizes a self-service campaign platform to enable you to create and launch campaigns on your own schedule.

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About Bython Media

61 Million Total Contacts
2.2 Million Leads Generated
2 Million Searchable Companies
68000+ Install Base
155 Searchable Industries
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