About Bython Media

Founded in 2012, Bython Media is a leading digital publishing and marketing company in Frisco, Tx with locations in the United Kingdom and Mexico. We are keyed into the pulse of the B2B marketing services industry. In addition, we are actively launching Byonic.ai, a cutting-edge demand generation platform that incorporates artificial intelligent machine learning to deliver results with intent scoring to provide highly qualified results. Bython Media’s vision is to help companies build relationships with highly qualified prospects through best-in-class marketing, content, and publishing solutions.

We offer various services including demand generation, account-based marketing, content syndication, digital marketing, webinars, copywriting, and content support creation. We believe the right use of data, technology, media, and marketing at the right time has a strong potential to build and improve quality client relationships, ensure high engagement, and create content that converts.

Our online media properties provide content to information-hungry professionals that help their businesses grow, adapt, and succeed in this constantly evolving world of technology. Unlike other companies, we create our own high-quality content and control our syndication and data.

Techfunnel.com covers trending technology across four key verticals: Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing. It’s updated daily with insightful articles, news, and videos. Onlinewhitepapers.com houses hundreds of in-depth papers on one convenient site. Written by major companies and influencers in the tech industry, they are a key source of research and knowledge enrichment. To learn more about us, click HERE! 

Bhupinder Gulati
President and CEO

Sid Chopra
Vice President, Sale

Snehhil Gupta
Chief Technology Officer

Poonam Gulati
Director of Finance

Tom Buckley
Senior Sales Director

Neil Parker
Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Anurag Donge
Associate Director of
Sales Operations

Shubby Shahani
Associate Director of Client Services

Cesar Fletes Sanchez

Ana Amano

Oliver Santiago
Sound Engineer

Autumn McMenamy
Human Resources Manager