Account Based Marketing

Need To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Account List?

What Is And How Does
Bython Execute ABM?

Utilizes client or Bython-developed content to engage and qualify targets

Employ our Byonic AiBM platform to target accounts through it’s AI to identify and key in on intent signals to deliver content at the optimal time

Ongoing nurturing targeted to a specific set of clients/prospects in line with the sales department

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Why does ABM work for sales?
Account-based marketing uses highly targeted campaigns to help you close target accounts

Focuses on specific people within a company and targets with high-quality, relevant content based on where they are in the customer journey.

What are ABM tactics/steps?

  • Segmentation – create a foundation to know your buyers – their demographics and their firmographics.
  • Attract targets into sales funnel – entice your target accounts
  • Engage to maintain attention – deliver a delightful and customized digital experience to capture and keep your buyer’s attention
  • Conversion – move the buyer through the buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration, the marketing team will have used tactics like segmentation and predictive analytics, attraction, and personalization
  • Measurement – to ensure the return on investment is acceptable and meets the targets including the cost per lead

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