5 Ways to Improve
Your Content Marketing ROI in 2022

1. Attracting the Right Audience

The key principle that helps you initiate your digital advertisement process is Attracting the right audience using multiple advertising channels. From marketing through email, or using various social media handles, using SEO Optimization techniques, marketing using various means of content such as articles, blogs and even eBooks.

You can also make use of animations and video narratives, to help increase the reach of your business and pull customers towards you. By using the right means you can bring the traffic to your website and let customers know how beneficial you are to them, and what makes you different from competitors too. Be creative and you’ll see the traffic coming to you.

2. Engaging Your Target Customer Base

As soon as the user reaches your website, then begins the second aspect of your digital advertising which is engaging with your potential customers and even existing customers.

How can that be done? You need to ensure your website displays the narrative your brand keenly believes in. This means that the content on your website should be appropriate and especially linked with the services and products your brand is providing.

It doesn’t matter if multiple users check out brands but if the emails don’t deliver the right message across then what’s the point? Keep in mind while planning your brand’s message, customize according to various age groups and customers. This should be remembered during all means of advertising. Super glue the customers by keeping all of the above in mind and you’ll see a positive change yourself.

3. Converting First Time Customers to Loyal Buyers

Let’s assume some of the attracted customers finally decide to place the order and get your product but how promising is it that he will come again and give your brand a chance? That’s when you need to take measures to ensure your first time buyers become your brand’s loyal customers.

You should know what they want, what are their interests and what may be the root cause behind them becoming your loyal buyers. You can start by creating a transaction process, personalized discounts, birthday discounts or gift cards, personalization in the emails.

By using heat maps, you can look into the progress your brand is making and keep working to make it better. Doing all this may result in people loving your brand, they may rave about it to multiple other people and even become loyal buyers of your brand.

4. Preserving All Your Clients

Preservation and sustainability of the clients means the preservation and sustainability of the business too. Both of these go hand in hand and have a direct relation between each other, so if one improvises the other becomes better to and if one falters the other follows.

After building a better understanding of all of the following points, it’s now time to retain all your customers. Start by seeing your marketing strategy and measuring its success rate, observing your brand and then coming with a solid digital marketing advertisement. See the key factors of a current campaign and what needs to be modified to make conversion much better. Now come up with a plan that works in your favor and make small changes so their outcomes aren’t expected but will be consistent.

Final Thoughts

Now you can incorporate these ideas into your marketing strategy for 2022 and ensure your content reaches the right audience and gets the traffic and attention it deserves.

A massive 71 percent of B2B buyers read blog content before they purchase something from a brand. That means the words you write — and then post online — can influence purchasing decisions.

With 2022 around the corner, it’s time to start planning your B2B content marketing strategy.

Here are five things to consider when motivating buyers to purchase your products and services.

  1. Optimize and Update Content Regularly

    Creating brand new content in 2022 is all very well and good, but what about those old blog posts and landing pages on your website? Refreshing old posts can improve content marketing ROI by luring more buyers to your site from search engines. That’s because Google categorizes updated blog posts and web pages as “new” content, which instantly improves your SEO.

    You can give your old content a makeover by:

    • Updating broken links
    • Removing outdated data and statistics
    • Incorporating more relevant keywords into articles
    • Adding improved metadata
    • Placing a CTA in the content
  1. Repurpose Evergreen Content

    Evergreen content should last for as long as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. Recycling old pages on your blog or resources section boosts content marketing ROI because it attracts buyers to your site without lots of work.

    Here’s how to repurpose content in 2022:

    • Create a podcast based on an article
    • Combine several pieces of evergreen content into an eBook
    • Take any data from a post and create an infographic
  1. Define and Understand the Customer Journey

    B2B buyers start as leads, then prospects, and then hopefully customers. Defining and understanding the buyer’s journey lets you create content that targets buyers at each stage of your marketing funnel. For example, incorporate top-of-the-funnel content that reaches the broadest possible audience. But don’t forget about middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel posts that promote your products and services more directly.

  1. Identify Core Metrics to Track

    Tracking content marketing campaigns is a must in 2022, but few organizations know which metrics to measure. Start by identifying your goals and track KPIs that best match them.

    Want to fine-tune your email marketing? Analyze open rates, click-throughs, and conversions. Need more social media followers? Monitor post reach, social shares, and applause rates. Whatever you do, keep things simple. It’s best to track a handful of metrics at first, or you might overwhelm your marketing teams.

  1. Build and Execute a Clear Strategy

    Great content doesn’t appear out of thin air. You need to develop a clear strategy that exposes content to the right people in the right place at the right time. You can do this by:

    • Defining your content marketing goals for 2022
    • Understanding that content marketing is constantly evolving
    • Analyzing competitors
    • Researching keywords
    • Tracking market trends in your niche
    • Thinking up great content ideas!

Before You Go

It’s time to create content that converts. For better content marketing ROI in 2022, refresh old posts, repurpose evergreen content, identify the customer journey, identify core metrics, and execute a clear strategy.

Bython can help you realize your content marketing goals for 2022 with its intelligent B2B MarTech solutions. Reach your audience, expand your brand, and drive sales. Start here.

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