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 Demand Generation Help : An approach that works for all

Interactive content is as engaging as it sounds. It adds value to your potential customers and generates double conversions as compared to the conversions generated by passive content. Customers do give out their personal information but in exchange for interactive information.

Demand Generation HelpB2C and B2B marketers still rely on one of the powerful strategies to generate conversions and drive traffic through content marketing. When we talk about content marketing, it would be a crime to skip interactive content.

More than 88% of the marketers agree that interactive content allows them to stand out among the competitors. Interactive content is a vital part of lead generation and thus, a big hit in the content marketing industry.

What is Interactive Content?

It is exactly what the name suggests- any type of content that is engaging, such as assessments, calculators, videos, white papers, infographics, etc. it allows the readers to engage with the content rather than consuming it.

4 Ways in which Demand Generation Help the Marketer to Generate Leads

The customers will only agree to give out personal information when they are satisfied with the value that the interactive content offers. Yes, it is appealing but it also helps to generate tons of valuable leads.

  • It offers value

    Customers of today are looking for quality rather than quantity. Imagine surfing three different websites and running into a newsletter subscription, a contact form, and a calculator that allows you to calculate the total price of the service. Which call-to-action will attract you the most? The latter, obviously.

    It enables lead generation and hooks prospects. It gives a million reasons to the customers to choose your product or service. And the best part is, interactive content does not have a salesy tone.

  • It boosts customer engagement

    The main goal of a marketer is to entice the prospect into taking an action. But this will only happen if the content will grab his attention.

    It aims to boost engagement by being customer-centric. A quiz or a personal recommendation, for example, is the best way to draw the prospect in.

  • It provides valuable information to the prospects

    More than 93% of marketers suggest that interactive content is twice as effective as static content. It has the potential to educate the customers about a service or a product. Which one is better- a 2-minute quiz or a 20-page eBook? Static content does not stand a chance in front of interactive content.

  • It offers a variety of embedding options

    It makes everything an easy deal. Having said that, it can be posted on every available platform. Do you want leads? Just upload the content where your audience is.

    It can be embedded on multiple platforms such as websites, ads, social media networks, chat forums, and blogs. However, it is strategically placed on a pop-up so a visitor could give it a quick read.


Your content strategy affects the lead generation rate and both of the variables depend on the channels/platforms you use to target the audience. An element of interactive content, such as a quiz or an assessment is more suited for B2B content marketing strategy.

With effective content marketing and demand generation solutions, your company can be engaging existing and new prospects now and in the future. Contact us today.

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